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Salute To Excellence November 2022

Updated: Jan 24, 2022

It is time to prepare for the 12th Annual EduCtr Programs Fundraiser! Please submit your request for Nomination Forms, Request for Vendor Table, Sponsorships and Reserve your tickets. Go to the Contact Tab and let us know what you will need. Salute to Excellence in Education Scholarship & Awards Gala 2022.

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The EduCtr New Youtube Channel

The Edu Ctr has launched its YouTube Channel. Please check it out CLICK the Like button below and on our You Tube page thanks. We need you

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In Education...

In March 2019, JET Alumni Sonya Mendoza Weiss was recognized by the Colorado-based nonprofit TheEduCtr, which helps promote and provide Education through community members to underserved peoples and defend the right to access to Education. She was awarded the 2018 Secondary Educator award. Sonya has been a Math teacher for 18 years and was a Miyagi JET, 91-94. She currently teaches at Jefferson Junior High, an alternative school, and has been teaching a total of 21 years, which includes the 3 years in Miyagi, Japan


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