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The Education Center (TheEduCtr) exists to help, empower and encourage educators, individuals, families, community, parents, and students to become advocates for education and to broaden their knowledge through various educational workshops, conferences, awards programs, grassroots efforts, legal support & direction.  TheEduCtr advocates for the educational rights of all people.

The Education Center’s vision is to give support to help people become advocates for their own education and to see the effects of the advocacy by a positive change in the educational system.

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Support our Homeless and Transitional Housing Students and Parents

"God has richly blessed us through the giving of others so that we in turn can offer something of substance that has the power to change lives for a lifetime".

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1200 South Parker Road,

Suite #101, Denver, CO 80231







Tuesday - Friday At

9:00 AM - 4:00 PM 

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